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OK...Here's the latest stuff...if you wanna know the old stuff, just scroll down.  Well know I rarely get out to Glamis, since I moved to Oklahoma in July 02.  Oklahoma isn't bad, but just can't compare to Cali.  It wouldn't be so bad if we had a Glamis here.  We got Little Sahara, but the name says it all.  It's little (tiny actually) and has more rules, regulations, fees and the like that it almost isn't worth it.   Ya'll out there in G can't really realize just how lucky you are.  Remember when we all would bitch about paying 30 bucks a year to go to Glamis.  Try $7 a day, per rider, to ride 5,000 acres, thats just to get in the sand I think camping is like $12 a night.  All the bitchen about putting flags on two wheelers out there...most of us figured out how to do it!  At Little Sahara, your whip has to be 10 feet tall, there is a bar you have to go under before you can get through one of the two access points to the dunes.  If it doesn't touch...sorry come back when it does.  It's not easy to make a 8 foot whip reach 10 feet when you mount it to your swing arm.  Worried about alcohol bans...not here it already is.  Wanna take your truck in the's gotta have a roll bar.  Wanna build a fire it better be in the fire pit!  The list goes on...

I drink beer, but you probably already figured that out, but, I can tell you a little about myself.  My real name is Travis and I've been goin to Glamis since 1997.
I am originally from Wisconsin where we do stuff like boating, sometimes it doesn't go quite right.  I originally put this site together to show friends and family pictures without having to email them to everybody, but now other people actually look at it.  I came to California in 1992 for my job in the Navy.  I have been in 10 years now, with most of my at sea time on carriers.  I use to fly in the S-3B Viking as a Sensor Operator, Roscoe was my callsign.  Now I teach systems operation to student Aircrew.  2002 is my last full season at Glamis since I will be moving to Oklahoma in the summer.  Over the years I have become a quite skilled mechanic eventhough some of my approaches are quite unorthodox.  During the summer I am the crew chief for a bomber stock race car at Cajon Speedway.  I enjoy the job, but it takes alot of time.  So if you like the site email me and let me know.